Past Events(2)

Spring 2023

Alumni Industry Talk 3 ft. Visolis and Illumina (April 15)
Game Night Social (April 14)
Berkeley Science Bowl (April 8)
Alumni Industry Talk 2 ft. iMicrobes and Scribe Therapeutics (April 4)
Paint Night 2 Social (March 17)
Eat & Meet with Eat Just, Impossible Foods, and Upside Foods (March 15)
Alumni Industry Talk 1 ft. AMGEN and Amyris (March 13)
Research for a Better World with SRI International (March 8)
Little Gem Belgian Waffles Fundraiser (March 7)
Mammoth Biosciences Infosession (March 7)
Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser (March 3)
Resume Workshop with The Princeton Review (February 15)
Evening with Industry ft. Genentech, Chevron, BASF, P&G, Amyris, Cuberg, DUPONT, the USDA, and more (February 2)
Plastic to Power with Resynergi (January 23)

Fall 2022

CoC Transfers Study Hangout 2 (December 6)
Boba Guys Fundraiser (December 5)
End of Classes Celebration Social (December 3)
Chipotle Fundraiser (November 7)
Fall Fest (November 4)
GSI Panel (November 1)
Bloom Energy Infosession (November 1)
Paint Night Social (October 28)
Graduate School Admissions 101 with The Princeton Review (October 24)
Cytokinetics Infosession (October 18)
CoC Transfers Study Hangout 1 (October 13)
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Fundraiser (September 30)
Genentech Infosession (September 26)
BioMarin Infosession (September 21)
P&G Infosession (September 14)
Welcome Week, including ACS@Berkeley Infosession, Alumni Panel, Jeopardy Night, and CoC Chem Bowl (August 29 – September 2)