Evening With Industry

Join us annually for our Evening with Industry, a STEM career fair at UC Berkeley! Our event brings together a diverse array of companies and organizations from many sectors, providing a unique networking platform for students and professionals. Attendees can explore a multitude of career paths, engage in insightful conversations with industry leaders, and gain valuable insights into pursing their passions with over 30 companies ranging from startups to conglomerates. Likewise, professionals have the opportunity to connect with over 200 undergraduate and graduate student participants who share a common mission, providing a platform for meeting potential interns and employees who align with their organizational goals.

With an atmosphere buzzing with enthusiasm and ambition, this event is a golden opportunity for attendees to showcase their skills, learn about industry demands, and establish connections that could pave the way for their future success. Join us for an evening of possibilities, where dreams align with careers, and aspirations find their professional home!

Join us on February 7th, 2024 for this year’s Evening With Industry! If you have questions or would like to contact us, please direct them to our email.

And a huge shoutout to our 2024 sponsors!